Beth Chasse Senior Product Designer


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Design Language: How Duolingo Learned to Teach Everyone

Duolingo is the most popular tool to learn a language in the world. With over 300 million users, how do they personalize learning for everyone? Serious learners want to be challenged but casual users just want to do something more productive than zombie-scrolling through social media posts.

Beth took the audience behind the scenes to see how Duolingo turns to Design to solve intractable business problems, whether it’s personalizing flows for their diverse user types or the makeover Duo, their beloved owl mascot.

About Beth

Beth Chasse is a senior product designer at Duolingo, where she transforms learning into a game and makes the difficult process of learning a new language fun and easy. Over the last five years she has worked on both the Learning team — designing new ways to teach a language — and the Growth team — helping Duolingo acquire and retain its users. Beth works from Duolingo’s HQ based in sunny, rainy, snowy, cloudy Pittsburgh.

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