2018 – Design for Change, Be a Rebel and Mixed Realities

In 2018 we talked about the role and responsibility of the designer in a divided world where the need for change is rising. We explored how we can create immersive experiences in mixed realities, and how being a design rebel can lead to innovation and great design.

Talks by Minecraft, The Outline, Headspace, Dropbox, Medium and many more!

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2017 – Embrace Failure, Conversational UI’s and Product Design DNA

In 2017 we explored how to design products that no longer have a visible interface. We asked ourselves: how do we make sure that the design DNA extends to all the touchpoints of the products? And how do we embrace failure, accept when we’re wrong and design our way out of it?

Talks from Spotify, Netflix, Vox Media, Uber and many more!

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2016 – Fun and Casual Design

A highly personal, silly and causal attitude is breaking down borders between users and the interface – and making the experience much more engaging and fun!

Talks by Slack, Emojipedia, MailChimp, Google, BuzzFeed and many more.

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2015 – Game-changers in Design

For the first time ever, Design Matters was held in Copenhagen. Designers from all over the world shared insights and ideas about digital design and disruption.

Talks by Airbnb, Clue, Volvo, BBC, Spotify, and MailChimp and many more.

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