Roberta Sandri & Sven Robin Kahl Visual Design Lead & Design Manager


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Designing a New Way of Play

In this talk,  the audience heard the story of how LEGO designed a new product, combining physical play with a digital experience.
Roberta and Sven shared how product design and communication design go hand-in-hand, influencing the future way for kids to play.

About Roberta

Roberta is a Visual Design Lead at the in-house advertising & design agency of LEGO in Billund, Denmark – creating and leading global Visual Identities. Previously she worked in the communication department of the European Space Agency based in the Netherlands, working on developing the Agency’s new corporate identity as well as having owned her own design studio in Verona, Italy. When she is not busy behind a computer screen she loves sewing fluffy creatures, playing the piano and the guitar, solving puzzle videogames and getting her hand dirty with ceramic clay.

About Sven

Sven Robin Kahl is (physical) Creative Lead for LEGO Hidden Side he is overseeing the design and development of the physical toys. Working closely with the digital team, Sven is always aiming for the ultimate play experience. At the moment in LEGO Hidden Side, that is the combination of digital (AR) and physical play coming together. He grew up in Munich and always loved Art, Comics, Movies, and Toys and especially creating. After a studying Industrial Design and an internship at LEGO, Sven decided that he wanted to design Toys and managed to get a job at LEGO as a Toy Designer.

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