Sydney Banta Senior Designer


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The Power of Authenticity

Crafting a message that sticks requires a motive, an identity, and an honest approach to both, which begs the question, “do you believe in what you design?”

In a modern landscape overflowing with communication, visual storytellers have the power to guide the narrative, exposing the public to new ways of thinking and seeing. Yet, with great responsibility comes the absolute need to be authentic and resist the pitfall of turning activism into trend.

Sydney led the audience in a candid conversation and dove deep into how she challenges design-norms, while staying true to the mission at hand.

About Sydney

Sydney Banta is the Senior Designer at Girlboss, a platform redefining success for millennial women.

With a non-classical design background, she has contributed her unique point of view to non-profit and business sectors, as well as beauty, music, and entertainment industries.

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