Nikoline Høgh Lead UX Designer


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Let Me Think: why workflows matter

Why do our desktop apps interrupt us? Why are they full of options that are confusing and irrelevant? Why doesn’t software follow our flow of thought, or better yet, our unique workflow?

The participants learned how designers at Unity design workflows that inspire and allow creatives to achieve their vision. The application of designing for flow and creativity goes way beyond the creative industries. The talk showed how the design team at Unity works with focus, affordance, and context to keep people in the zone.

About Nikoline

Nikoline Høgh is Lead UX Designer at Unity creating experiences that delight, empower, and improve the lives of creative professionals in the movie, film and games industries. Nikoline holds a master’s degree in Interaction Design from KADK, specializing in creative practices in interfaces.

For the last five years she has been working on improving the user experience of Unity, the world‘s most used software for realtime rendering. Unity is the most widely used application for VR, AR, and games as well as being used for movies and architecture. At Unity it’s all about designing the workflows of creative professionals.

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