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“Ethics” and Ethics

Facebook is fishing for our email passwords, Amazon is listening to our conversations for laughs, Tik-Tok spying on our kids. The fact that we see so much dirt on the surface, makes it likely, that it’s even worse under the surface. The solution for all of this: “Ethics”. Design ethics! Tech ethics! Business ethics! Ethics for AI! But is it?

About Oliver

Oliver Reichenstein is the founder and director of iA, the Tokyo, Zurich, and Berlin-based design consultancy. Oliver studied philosophy in Basel and Paris and started working for a band agency after his degree. He moved to Japan in 2003 where he founded iA. Throughout his work, Oliver is trying to connect the dots between design and philosophy.

iA serves clients in the media industry like Nikkei, NHK, Condé Nast, Red Bull, The Guardian, Asics, Die Zeit, and Wikipedia. iA is also known for its design philosophical essays and, mainly, iA Writer, a pioneering minimalist text editor they have been developing since 2010.

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