Get your hands dirty in one of our nerdy workshops.

Annette Rohde

Participants learned how to develop an improvisation mindset, and the ability to be present and adapt to any situation to help them become more flexible and creative!

Ruth & Georgina

Equality in tech is very important, but how do we do it? Ruth and Georgina showed us how to apply Feminist Internet Design standards and create more equal products.

Ruth & Georgina

Anne Bundgaard

The participants took a break from the digital world. With a pen and paper they got the chance to celebrate their inner child, creativity and visual storytelling - and sketch like a crazy!

Anne Bundgaard

Melissa Pickering

Participants explored the micro emotions users experience when playing, and learned about the design tools LEGO designers use to create memorable moments for kids.


Allison & Tey

In this hands-on workshop the participants stepped into the future to prototype and collaborate with other designers, using real-world cases.

Allison & Tey, McKinsey

Roxy & Jerome

The psychology that underpins the way users think and feel to make better research-based decisions.

Roxy & Jerome, Coglode

Jane Ruffino

A workshop about the principles and steps for naming the things we make.

Jane Ruffino

Bianca Berning

The participants learned how we respond emotionally to different fonts and how to start working with variable fonts.

Bianca, Dalton Maag

Natasja Toldam

Mikkel Wolf Rasmussen

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