Anne Bundgaard Illustrator


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Draw. With love and magic

The participants took a break from the digital world. With a pen and paper they got the chance to celebrate their inner child, creativity and visual storytelling – and sketch like a crazy!

We all carry stories within us. Some come from our own lives, others from clients, friends or strangers. Each story can lead people’s imagination to different places, creating a certain vibe, present statements or bring vivid images to our mind. Anne shared her way to look for stories and how to use this to create illustrations with a touch of magic.

What story do you want to tell?

About Anne

Anne Bundgaard works as a designer, illustrator, artist and a teacher. She enjoys doing wall art, tattoos and anything in-between Рand prefers the handcrafted way of working to all other techniques. She has a masters degree in Visual Communication from The Royal Danish Academy of Design.

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