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Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

Every designer needs to be kept on their toes during the design process, at least a little bit. We all know that a successful designer should be well prepared and able to work with some degree of structure. But it’s also very important that they can read between the lines and understand the context. A good creative can adapt to the changing process and to what is needed in a specific situation. Flexibility pays more than just strictly sticking to the plan!

In fact, truly skilled facilitators are able to improvise on the spot. Are you? If not, don’t despair! Improvisation is not rocket science or an innate talent, it’s a skill that you can learn and train.

In this workshop participants got a taste of how to develop an improv mindset and the ability to be present and adapt to any situation.

About Annette
Annette Rohde is a process and change management consultant based in Copenhagen. She designs and facilitates everything from small to large scale processes targeted at innovation, strategy building or organizational transformation.
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