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Design Standards for Defensible Decision-making
Equality doesn’t only concern gender but all kinds of humans. Feminist Internet and Even are fighting to bring more gender equality into the design world.
They have made a set of design standards for defensible decision making, which can be applied when working with different kinds of subcultures and minorities.
In this session, the audience got the chance to craft physical products that can advance equal rights for marginalized groups, and learn how to apply Feminist Internet’s Design Standards to product designs that could better serve us all.
About Ruth & Georgina

Georgina Capdevilla Cano is a London-based creative producer with a background in Design Management and Events Production. She co-founded Feminist Internet, a collective of artists and designers whose mission is to advance internet equalities for women and other marginalized groups. She is also creative learning producer at the new UAL Creative Computing Institute, working with people at the intersection of creativity, society, education, music, dance, and technology.

Ruth Marshall-Johnson is a creative leader specializing in ethical and social development in the connected age. She is founding director of Even – a new consultancy that asks what more can be achieved when we are intentional about designing products and services for all possible customers no matter their race, class, gender, gender identity, sexuality, age, belief, and ability.

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