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Name That Thing

Product designers are getting better at zeroing in on why we’re making things, but what about the ‘what’? We can be so tied up in delighting users that we forget about the basic vocabulary that helps them get oriented and create mental models, and helps us decide if they should “sign up,” “join,” or “register.”

In this fast-paced workshop, participants saw how much fun this foundational work can be. They learned how to name things and describe actions in ways that help you connect values and user needs with the words on your buttons, form fields, and headers.

About Jane

Jane Ruffino is an independent content designer and UX writer who helps organizations use language to shape products and services. She believes in clarity over cleverness, verbs over adverbs, and specifics over superlatives.

She has also been an archaeologist, an educator, a radio documentary producer, and a technology columnist for Ireland’s Sunday Business Post.

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